WVPTA Strategic Priorities

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Have you ever wondered what drives the actions of the West Virginia Physical Therapy Association? Below are four (4) strategic priorities from our 2021-2023 strategic plan.

  1. Member Attraction, Engagement, and Retention – Attracting, engaging, and retaining members in all APTA membership categories (i.e., PT, Retired PT, Life PT, Student PT, PTA, Retired PTA, Life PTA, Student PTA, Honorary, Fellow). Attraction is the process of adding new members and encouraging the renewal of membership by existing members. Engagement involves the active participation of members on committees, task forces, workgroups, elected offices, and/or actively participating in conferences, special events, and calls for ad hoc legislative efforts.
  2. Member Education and Professional Development– Providing timely and desired professional education opportunities to help members maintain licensure, ensure professional competency, and to foster excellence in clinical practice.
  3. Advocacy – Participation in lobbying, grassroots campaigns, and regulatory affairs at the state and national level to help shape rules, regulations, policies, and laws pertaining to physical therapist practice.
  4. Public Relations and Branding- Public Relations – A strategic and coordinated communications plan and processes that help to build the relationship between the members and the organization, which helps to drive all other strategic priorities. Branding – A strategic effort to tell the association’s story and provide a visual identity for members and external stakeholders.


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