Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To be the established leaders in human movement promoting education and access to physical therapy.


Our Mission

Building a strong organization to advance best practices and excellence in physical therapy to improve the health of communities.

Our Values

APTA WV and its members believe in and practice…


We hold a firm belief in the abilities, strengths, and creativity of the association, each member, and our individual selves. We treat each other as we like to be treated. We offer the benefit of the doubt, support each other, and we forgive easily.

Service to Others

Our focus is to serve. We ask for help when we need it. We promote wellness. We advance physical therapy with an acute understanding of the benefits of movement toward human wholeness.


We participate fully. We are present. We connect with others. We do what we say we will do with passion, patience, and intentional relationship to each other, our stakeholders, and other groups and organizations that seek to advance human well-being.

Healthy Communication

We engage in the generous sharing of ideas. We are open and honest with each other. We intentionally create safety to explore conflict.


Together, we are a community. We include people, ideas, and efforts as we work to promote physical therapy and wellness in West Virginia. We seek and include people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We understand that our differences make our work together exceptional. Our actions demonstrate our understanding.

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