COVID-19 Resources

We, as your association leadership team wanted to take a moment to reach out to you during this time of uncertainty. We hope that you all are well and taking care of yourselves and your families.

Your state association has been working to stay informed of the issues related to COVID-19 and how they may impact our members and those they serve. The information is being produced at lightning speed and is ever-evolving. We want to make you aware of where you can go to get the most up to date information related to the Coronavirus on a national level as well as the most recent information related to physical therapy practice.

WV Opening Guidelines

Telehealth Resources

HPSO statement from the FAQs on their website:

Am I covered for Telehealth/Telemedicine? 

If you are considering providing your professional services via tele-health, please know that the professional liability coverage, issued by HPSO, does not have a limitation as to how professional services are provided (in person or via technology). Rather, the policy requires that you are appropriately licensed to provide professional services and that you comply with state, federal and facility guidelines relative to scope of practice and practice setting.

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