Sujoy Bose

House of Delegates

Sujoy Bose, is an Associate Professor with Tenure at Marshall University School of Physical Therapy, where he teaches the fundamental sciences of Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, & Cardiovascular-pulmonary Rehabilitation. His content expertise comes from an extensive formal education spanning two continents, and over 30 years of clinical & academic practice, principally in the medically complex setting. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties in the realm of Cardiovascular & Pulmonary PT.

His principal interests are in the pathophysiology and the differential diagnosis of the fundamental pathology of disease, as it impacts function. Along with academic work, he maintains clinical privileges with Cabell-Huntington hospital, a multi-specialty health system in the Appalachia. He has spent a lifetime contributing to the profession in many ways from his vantage.

On the service front, he has until recently, served on the Board of Directors for the Academy of Acute Care Practice (a component of the APTA) as the Chief Section Delegate with his term concluding in early 2022. In representing the Academy of Acute Care, he has contributed from vantage of content expertise, as well as in the roles of Secretary, and then Delegate, before becoming Chief Delegate. During his tenure at APTA Acute Care since 2009, he saw the advent of voting rights for the Sections, and Academies, as well as many other groundbreaking developments including APTA support for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. Beyond the Academy of Acute Care, he is a member of the Cardiovascular & Pulmonary PT, and the Education Academies of the APTA. He has been as an item-writer for SACE (Specialty Academy of Content Experts) of the American Board of PT Specialties since 2013. On another front, he serves the profession as a committee member on the American Board of Physical Therapy Residencies & Fellowships (ABPTRFE).

He has been a WV resident for almost 9 years and is well entrenched into the fabric of the State, and the university. He has the fortune of currently serving in administrative committees within the university, which gives him a vantage in governance, that goes beyond just clinical or academic realms. He would like to bring his strengths in serving the profession, now at the State level, and is contesting to run as Delegate for the WV delegation to the APTA House of Delegates. He believes our delegation is small, but we have both, a voice, and the ability to vote, especially on issues that impact our unique needs. The challenges of rural Appalachia are different than those of large urban centers, and one needs to be able to look from inside out, to represent the needs of the State. If elected to the role of delegate, he will bring what he has learnt in national service, to the State level. In a democratic process, he doesn’t know if our interests will always prevail, but he will certainly attempt to maximize the voice of the State. He solicits and thanks you for your support in this endeavor.

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