WVPTA recognizes Eric Tarr in continued celebration of Centennial year

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Dr. Eric Tarr is the CEO of Generations Physical Therapy Centers, which can be found across the Charleston/Huntington area of WV. In addition to physical therapy practices , he also owns and operates fitness centers and other business entities throughout the region. Dr. Tarr has been active in PT advocacy since his early career days which has led him to a path of leadership within the profession taking him all the way to the national level to speak on legislative change for patient access and the value of PT services. He has held multiple leadership positions within the WV Physical Therapy Association with his last position being two terms as president. Throughout that service, he became more deeply involved in affecting change in health care policy through work at the WV State Capitol. He was elected as a WV Senator for District 4 in 2018. He continues to impact the lives of West Virginians directly through his PT practice and indirectly though his efforts to remove barriers to health care for West Virginians and to assure that practitioners in the state receive appropriate compensation for their work.
We thank Dr. Tarr for taking his time to talk with us for our APTA Centennial Series and share his thoughts on physical therapy in WV…where it has been, where it is now and where it may be going!


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